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Experience pistachio perfection with Tari Trading’s Iranian Fandoghi Pistachios. Uncompromising quality, unbeatable flavor, and aflatoxin-free assurance make our Round Pistachios the finest in the world. Elevate your snacking and culinary adventures today. Order now!

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Fandoghi pistachio-Round


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Welcome to the world of Tari Trading, where we take pride in bringing you the finest Iranian pistachios. In this article, we’ll delve into the unique qualities of Fandoghi pistachios, shedding light on what makes them stand out in the global market.

What is Pistachio Fandoghi?

Pistachio Fandoghi, scientifically known as Pistacia vera, is a variety of pistachio renowned for its distinct round shape and delightful taste. Tari Trading is your go-to wholesaler for these premium nuts, offering exceptional quality for those seeking the finest Fandoghi pistachios.

Cultivation in Iran:

Iran, with its ideal climate and soil conditions, is the primary hub for cultivating Fandoghi pistachios. The provinces of Kerman, Yazd, and Khorasan are particularly renowned for producing these delectable nuts. The unique combination of sunny days and cool nights in these regions contributes to the development of Fandoghi pistachios with a perfect balance of flavor and texture.

Why Choose Tari Trading for Fandoghi Pistachios?

As a leading Fandoghi pistachio wholesaler, Tari Trading ensures that only the finest pistachios make their way to your table. We understand the importance of quality in the global market, and our commitment to excellence sets us apart. When you choose Tari Trading, you’re choosing pistachios that are not only delicious but also meet the highest international standards.

Fandoghi Pistachio for Export:

Are you looking to add a touch of Iranian excellence to your product offerings? Tari Trading offers Fandoghi pistachios for export, bringing the authentic taste of Iranian pistachios to customers worldwide. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for those seeking premium pistachios in the global market.

At Tari Trading, we pride ourselves on being the largest exporter of Iranian pistachios, a testament to our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and our pivotal role in the global nuts trade. Among our prized offerings, the Fandoghi, or Round Pistachio, stands out not just for its distinctive shape and flavor but also as the most cost-effective option among Iranian pistachios. Here’s why the Fandoghi pistachio should be your choice when you look to import the finest yet cheapest Iranian pistachios.

What is Fandoghi/Round Pistachio?

The Fandoghi pistachio, known for its round pistachio, compact size, is a gem among pistachio varieties. Harvested with care from the fertile lands of Iran, these pistachios are recognized for their rich, nutty flavor and are a favorite among culinary experts and snack lovers alike. What makes Fandoghi pistachios particularly appealing is their affordability. As the cheapest Iranian pistachios available in the market, they offer an exceptional value proposition without compromising on quality or taste.

Why Choose Tari Trading for Fandoghi Pistachios?

-Largest Exporter of Iranian Pistachios: Our leading position in the market is a reflection of our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence. When you choose Tari Trading, you’re partnering with a company that has a vast network and the capability to supply large volumes, ensuring consistent availability and timely delivery.

– Quality and Trust: We adhere to strict quality control measures at every stage, from harvesting to packaging, ensuring that only the best pistachios reach your doorstep. Our dedication to quality has earned us the trust of buyers worldwide, making us your reliable partner for importing Fandoghi pistachios.

– Competitive Pricing:
Being the largest exporter allows us to offer the cheapest Iranian pistachios without compromising on quality. Our Fandoghi pistachios are not only affordable but also provide a high yield, making them an economical choice for both resellers and consumers.

– Global Reach:
Our extensive logistics network enables us to export round pistachio to any corner of the world efficiently and safely. Whether you’re looking to import Fandoghi pistachios in bulk or in smaller quantities, Tari Trading is equipped to meet your needs with professionalism and care.

Data and Statistics:

While we cannot share proprietary data, we invite our potential partners to connect with us for detailed insights into our export capabilities, volume discounts, and testimonials from our satisfied clients across the globe. Our track record of successfully exporting round pistachio, particularly the Fandoghi variety, to diverse markets underscores our capacity to meet your demands.

In Conclusion

Choosing Tari Trading for your Fandoghi pistachio needs means opting for a partner that combines affordability with excellence. As the cheapest Iranian pistachios on the market, our Fandoghi pistachios are a testament to our ability to deliver value without sacrificing quality. With Tari Trading, import fandoghi pistachios effortlessly, knowing that you are backed by the largest exporter of Iranian pistachios. Let us help you captivate your market with the rich, delectable taste of Fandoghi pistachios, and watch your business grow.

For more information, visit our social media or contact our sales team directly. Let Tari Trading be your gateway to the world of premium pistachios.


Discover the Finest Fandoghi Pistachios for Export to Spain with Tari Trading Company

Welcome to Tari Trading Company, your premier gateway to the exquisite world of Fandoghi pistachios for export to Spain. As the largest supplier of round pistachio and exporter to Spain, we pride ourselves on delivering the essence of Iran’s rich agricultural heritage right to your doorstep.

Spain, with its vibrant culture and exquisite cuisine, has a special place for Fandoghi pistachios. This round pistachio, known for its rich flavor and versatile use, has become a staple in Spanish kitchens, finding its way into a variety of dishes from savory tapas to sweet delicacies. Tari Trading stands at the forefront, ensuring that the Spanish market is continually supplied with the highest quality of Fandoghi pistachios.

Why Choose Tari Trading for Your Pistachio Needs?

  • Largest Supplier and Exporter: As the largest supplier of round pistachio and exporter to Spain, we guarantee unparalleled quality and consistency. Our direct connection to Iran’s pistachio farms ensures you receive only the best.
  • Seamless Import Process: Wondering how to buy round pistachio from Iran? We’ve simplified the process. With our comprehensive logistics solutions, including 40 ft container shipments, importing round pistachio to Spain from Iran has never been easier or more efficient.
  • Versatility in Use: The Fandoghi pistachio is not just a nut; it’s an experience. Its versatility makes it perfect for a range of Spanish dishes, enhancing flavors and textures in both traditional and contemporary recipes.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is dedicated to providing personalized support, guiding you on how to buy round pistachio from Iran and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free import process.

The Journey from Iran to Spain

Embarking on the journey to import round pistachio from Iran to Spain starts with Tari Trading. Each 40 ft container is meticulously prepared, ensuring the freshness and quality of our pistachios are preserved from our farms to your facility.

The Fandoghi pistachio for export to Spain is more than just a product; it’s a bridge between cultures, bringing the rich tastes of Iran to the diverse palette of Spain. Whether you’re looking to enrich your culinary creations or offer something uniquely delightful to your customers, Tari Trading is here to make it happen.

Ready to Enhance Your Culinary Creations?

If you’re looking to buy Fandoghi pistachio for export, look no further. Tari Trading Company is not just your supplier; we’re your partner in bringing the finest of Iran’s pistachios to the heart of Spain. Contact us today to learn more about how to buy round pistachio from Iran and take the first step towards a world of flavor that will captivate your customers and set your offerings apart.

Embrace the taste of tradition and quality with Tari Trading Company – where Spain meets the best of Iran’s Fandoghi pistachios

Ensuring Trust and Security in Round Pistachio Export: Insured by Close A All-risk Insurance

Dear Valued Customers,

At Tari Trading Company, we understand that one of the primary concerns of merchants post-transaction is the assurance of product integrity and safety. In the realm of food services, particularly in the export of round pistachios, ensuring the pristine condition of the product upon arrival is paramount to mitigate any potential losses for our esteemed clients.

In line with our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are proud to introduce our latest initiative aimed at fortifying trust and security in every transaction: Round Pistachios with All-risk Insurance. Through our partnership with Close A All-risk Insurance, each shipment of round pistachios for export is comprehensively insured against all conceivable risks, including but not limited to damage incurred during transit.

This means that regardless of unforeseen circumstances such as container breakage or logistical mishaps, our customers can rest assured that their investment is safeguarded. Our adherence to the highest standards of quality control coupled with the added layer of insurance underscores our dedication to ensuring that your capital remains protected throughout the procurement process.

In choosing Tari Trading Company, you not only gain access to premium-grade round pistachios renowned for their freshness and quality but also benefit from the peace of mind afforded by our comprehensive insurance coverage. We invite you to experience the unparalleled level of reliability and professionalism that defines our services.

For inquiries or to place your orders, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team. Thank you for entrusting Tari Trading Company with your round pistachio export needs.