Exploring the Variety of Iran's Exported Raisins: Tari Trading's Unlimited Quality

At Tari Trading, we take pride in being a premier export and supply company for nuts and dried fruits. When it comes to raisins, Iran is known for producing some of the finest varieties in the world. In this article, we will delve into the diverse types of raisins exported from Iran, including Sultana-No.9, Sultana-No.10, Golden, SunDried, Jumbo (Mavis), and Kashmari. As a leading exporter, Tari Trading ensures you get nothing less than unlimited quality.

Types of Iran's Exported Raisins:


Sultana-No.9 raisins are renowned for their small, seedless, and amber-colored berries. These raisins are characterized by their sweet and tangy flavor profile. They are a favorite choice for snacking, baking, and adding to various dishes. At Tari Trading, we source and export Sultana-No.9 raisins that meet the highest quality standards, ensuring you enjoy the authentic taste of Iran’s finest.


Similar to Sultana-No.9 raisins, Sultana-No.10 raisins boast small, seedless grapes with a slightly darker hue. They are prized for their natural sweetness, making them a delightful addition to cereals, desserts, and trail mixes. Tari Trading offers a consistent supply of these raisins, perfect for your culinary needs.

Golden Raisins:

Golden raisins, often referred to as “kishmish,” are sun-dried and treated with sulfur dioxide to retain their golden color. These raisins are prized for their sweet and fruity taste, which pairs wonderfully with cheese platters and salads. At Tari Trading, we ensure the export of premium golden raisins, maintaining their quality and flavor.

SunDried Raisins:

SunDried raisins are naturally dried in the warm Iranian sun. They have a richer, earthier flavor compared to other varieties. These raisins are perfect for traditional Iranian dishes and can also be enjoyed as a healthy snack. Tari Trading sources the finest SunDried raisins, preserving their authentic taste.

Jumbo (Mavis) Raisins:

Jumbo raisins, also known as “Mavis” raisins, are prized for their size and juiciness. They are excellent for baking, as their plumpness adds moisture and sweetness to recipes. At Tari Trading, we export Jumbo raisins that are handpicked to ensure only the best quality reaches your doorstep.

Kashmari Raisins:

Kashmari raisins are a premium variety, known for their large size and unique taste. These raisins have a distinctive tartness and are often used in gourmet cooking and baking. Tari Trading is your trusted source for high-quality Kashmari raisins, ideal for culinary enthusiasts seeking premium ingredients.

When it comes to the types of raisins exported from Iran, Tari Trading stands out as a reliable supplier of unlimited quality. Whether you’re in search of the sweet and delicate Sultana-No.9 and Sultana-No.10, the golden goodness of Golden raisins, the natural sun-dried perfection of SunDried raisins, the plumpness of Jumbo (Mavis) raisins, or the unique flavor of Kashmari raisins, we have you covered. Count on us to deliver the best of Iran’s exported raisins to meet your culinary needs. Explore the world of raisin varieties and experience the authenticity of Iranian flavors with Tari Trading, your trusted partner in dried fruit exports.

Remember, for the finest selection of Iran’s exported raisins, choose Tari Trading – your source for unlimited quality!

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